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Please select your academic programs (subjects or topics) in the ID-SS info packet (classes / programs) and put the "selected topic" with complete "CODE Serial / TOPIC". If you put CODE "X" means that you apply for a "special program on demand" or "free tuition fee" and should be confirmed previously per email by the ID-SS Committee.
After successful sending of your application, we will give you a confirmation per email. Further notifications will be given after colsultation with our staffs.
Written confirmation is the only legal criteria for formal application.

You can find more infos about the programs in our actual program website or order general booklet on demand per email.

Application Catagory A

Application Category B

Application Category C

Application Category X ("Free Tuition Fee")

[There several application categories (A, B, C and more); please consult with our staffs about your participant status per email before applying.]

Contact Name: First Last
City Province/State:
Country: Code:
Phone: Fax:
Email Address:

Please register at least two weeks in advance before starting ID-SS program and please note that your registration will not be confirmed until you receive an email from your local ID-SS campus coordinator or central ID-SS administration office.

For online payment after receiving email confirmation for booking category:Please click here!

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