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"Review the lost knowledge of the past with creative views for the present & future":

A Journey beyond Science & Reason ...


Vivat Visiondium!


(Short Vision Statements)


"Theoria cum praxi:

Visiondium Essence (Short Summary): “Heritage Visiondium Series” --> Beyond the science & reason? The Visiondium basic universum could also be based on the fundamental question, e.g.: Why the esoteric deep into scientific research could stimulate our visionary creativity? Global Intelectuals, scientists, activists or other prominents try to present for the public their specific visions in our monumental podium in the Loreley Valley (the UNESCO World Heritage Middle Rhine Valley). Please explore our FAQ, Intro, Facts & Data and other selected pages for details. Complete documents will be delivered for members after registration. Relevant Keywords, e.g.: • Humanistic Visionary; • Biosphere Visionary; • Visionary workshop; • Esoteric transformation; • Comparative practical philosophy; • Beyond science & reason; • Fringe science controversy; • Alternative science/health; • Scientific visionary Seminar; • Relaxation training method; • Consciousness research; • Mystery research; And more ... (Please register now to explore more thematic presentations of Visiondium!)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -- Q: What is Visiondium? A: Visiondium (Vision Compendium) is part of a global heritage event in the UNESCO World Heritage Middle Rhine Valley which explore the imperishable visions of the relevant thinkers of the globe, to review the lost knowledge of the past with the creative views for the present & the future, by presenting selected perspectives around the border between contextual alternative thinking, esoterism, religiosity and science with universal system of theoretical approachment. The patronage inspirations of Visiondium are several esotero-scientic works of the past, like Scivia (Vision) of Hildegard von Bingen, Zum ewigen Frieden (Perpetual Peace) of Immanuel Kant, or Tolstoy's On the Significance of Science and Art (What to Do?), etc. There are a great deal of forgotten visions had been transmitted to our time . What then must we do is a continous 'Visiondium'. Please refer to our Cosmoscopian Vision Compendium, for more background and detailed information. Q: Who can participate in the Visiondium? A: Visionary presentation is open for all and free of charge, and highly recommended for students, post- & graduate students, academicians, researchers, professionals, journalists, artists, community activists or anyone interested or engaged in research on contemporary universal perspectives of our era in the context of alternative thinking with universal system of theoretical approachment. You have to register online in order to be confirmed as participant with a special certification. Most of the regular participants are from the Middle Rhine Valley, or the nearby cities/towns, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Mannheim, Heidelberg, till Freiburg/Basel/Zuerich; Friedberg, Giessen, Marburg till Kassel; Koblenz, Bonn till Cologne; Trier till Luxembourg, Maastricht till Bruessel. Metz, Nancy till Paris, etc. But this event will be participated also from various people of the overseas in the Western hemisphere who by accident visit Europe in the leisure time. Also the participants of Eurasia/Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia have shown their support or sympathy for the annual Visiondium. Q: Where can I apply? A: Online registration are preferable. Please visit our website, enter the membership area & click the button register above and put your basic personal data only! That's it, and you'll be automatically registered and will be part of our Visiondium community. Q: What are the deadlines? A: Visiondium registration is open until the day of the event, except for the workshop participation. Q: What is the deadline for workshop? A: Aplication deadline for workshop is July 31, 2013. Visiondium workshop will be incorporated in separate venues for selected participants. Q: Can I only attend Visiondium without workshop participation and other programs? A: Yes, but you'll lose the great opportunity to learn more about a comprehensive heritage Visiondium around the UNESCO World Heritage. Q: What are the costs? A: All sessions of the "Visiondium International Event" (Cultural Experience, Vision Presentation) are open for public and free of charge, including meals (coffee breaks, lunch, dinner) are FREE of charge, but you have to register online in order to be confirmed as official participant with a special certification. Donations are wellcome. General participants have to pay the fees only for the panoramic heritage tour (Rhine River Cruises "In the Valley of the Loreley"); active participants & invited speakers will be paid by our sponsors & partners. Participants for Visiondium workshop have to pay special fees, but for those who unable to pay the fees can apply for financial assistance. Workshop participation will be charged separately with Cosmoscopian privileges. Participants unable to pay the workshop fee and panoramic heritage tour, can apply for financial assistance. Deadlines for workshop application: July 31, 2013. Q: Are financial supports available for workshop and panoramic heritage tour, etc? A: For Cosmoscopian activists, the Visiondium committee will provide acknowledgement letter for applying fund to our sponsors and partners. Please contact us via email with your special arguments, etc. Q: Where are the venues: A: Main venue will be held at the Cultural Center Villa Sachsen, Bingen, Germany. Address: Mainzer Str. 184,55411 Bingen am Rhein; Additional venues will be held around the beautiful towns of the Loreley Valley (Lorch, Niederheimbach, Bacharach, Kaub, Oberwesel, St. Goar, etc.) Q: Who are behind the Visiondium? A: Visiondium Heritage Project was initiated and coordinated regularly by Cosmoscopia Club International (CCI), Kantgrad International Society (KIS) and the Loreley Visiondium Team (LVT) with several partners (see Partner Page). All visionary presentations will be selected annually by a Special Visiondium Committee (consisted of the representative persons of the above organisations & partners) under the coordination of the Visiondium activists of the Loreley valley with the support of the international expert board affiliated to the various academic institutions around the globe. Q: How can I get more infos? A: Please consult all infos on our website and read systematically. After online registration you'll get more infos automatically about the actual Visiondium. If you have more spesific questions, please don't hesitate to contact our secretariat. More actual details will be delivered per email or after the first day of the heritage visiondium in Bingen. You can also follow us via various social networkings such as event alerts, mailing lists, twitter, facebook, etc.

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