Mai-Dar's Visionary Summary

Mai Dar

[International Alumnus with Selected Educational Experiences: ASEAN (Jakarta; Manila; Songkhla); EU (Freiburg, Hamburg, Berlin; Cracow, Lodz, Torun; Vilnius; Sofia); RF (Kaliningrad); US (LA.), etc.]






[e-Transfer Corner]

(In the Spirit of the Great Patrons:

I. Kant, F. Hegel, E. Husserl, L. Gumilev & J. Schumpeter)


Project Supraregional Coordination:


Bilateral Management:





e-TC/MAFEX, Philipps-Universitaet Marburg

Universitaetsstr. 25, 35037 Marburg, Germany

(Short Vision Statements)


"Theoria cum praxi:

Austronesian-Eurasian Area from Partnership and Cooperation to Perpetual Peace and Innovative Solution with phenomenological Approach and Schumpeterian System and Roepkean Strategy"


-- To inspire Kantian peace [vgl. "To a Perpetual Peace" (Pax Perpetua) by Immanuel Kant], stability and development in the "Austronesian-Eurasian area";

-- To introduce theoretical tenets of the relevant universal visions from Aristotle, AVEMPACE, Averroes, Aquinas, Lao Tse, Khaldun, Smith, KANT, Hegel, Marx, HUSSERL, Hildegard, Tolstoi, Weber, Kondratieff, Keynes, Walras, SCHUMPETER, Dempwolff, Galbraith, Gumilev, Sweezy, Roepke and after. The central paradigm will be given to the development of Schumpeterian system and Roepkean strategy as alternative approachment to analyse the dynamics of the "Austronesian-Eurasian area";

-- To synthesize the relevant Western/European cognitives through the centuries or critical value systems (from the universal legacy of the "German Idealism" and the "New Kantianism"; with special focus on the unique legacy of the "Marburger Schule"; the "Freiburger Schule" until the "Frankfurter Schule"), undoctrined cosmology, enlightened philosophy in phenomenological context, progressive science and innovative technology transfer for the dynamics of the globalized "Austronesian-Eurasian area";

-- To promote the global innovative Schumpeterian visions (vgl. "Vergangenkeit und Zukunft der Sozialwissenschaft", "Capitalism, Socialism & Democracy", "Business Cycles", "Ten Great Economists: From Marx to Keynes" & "History of Economic Analysis" (posthum) by J. A. Schumpeter as the prophet of innovation) for the people in the "Austronesian-Eurasian area";

-- To develope new subjects and perspectives of research and interdisciplinary studies of phenomenological perspectives including Schumpeterian Innovation & "Innovation Strategies" ala Roepkean (vgl. "Die Strategie der Innovation" by Jochen Roepke) in the context of "Austronesian-Eurasian area";

-- To initiate the alternative and efective strategies for the entrepreneurial orientation and innovation with couching, training, seminar, conference or special presentation around the supraregional "Austronesian-Eurasian area";

-- To support the relevant projects with sponsoring, fundraising, partnership, cooperation, teaching, coaching or educational alternatives for the dynamics of growth, good governance and reform in the "Austronesian-Eurasian area".

-- To promote the development of "Visiondium" (Vision Compendium) which coordinated by Cosmoscopia Club International (Coordinated by universal historian & phenomenologist Mai Dar) with its phenomenological Lecture Tours, etc., etc.