Introducing "ASAS"

ASAS is an abbreviation of the "Academia Scientiarum Achinica Sumatrana" (Achinese Sumatran Academy of Sciences), patronized by Societas Scientiarum Sumatrana (SSS), supported by Kantgrad International Society (KIS), Cosmoscopia Club International (CCI) & selected scientific institutions.

ASAS is based in the European exile diaspora. (Search in Exilium).


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To share a comprehensive compendium of selective visionary discourses about 'Achinese or Sumatran complexity of phenomena or noumena' in the past, present & future tendencies (trends), etc.


ASAS is an institution of independent scholars, researchers and creative people and is responsilble to the "Societas Scientiarum Sumatrana" or "SSS" ("Society of Sumatran Sciences") in the European central headquarters. (In Diaspora).

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About "ASAS"

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ASAS was firstly initiated in 2010 by archivist, historian and phenomenologist Mai Dar during his academic activities in Europe. His main aim is to provide 'intellectual networking for the better visionary of the Achinese Sumatra in the global interactions'.

The primary objectives of the ASAS: to promote learning and research in the academic critical contributions to the 'Achinese Sumatran phenomena or noumena' in the past, present & future tendencies (trends); continual codification of monumental projects such as "Legatum Sumatranum, Bibliographica Sumatrana, Encyclopedia Achinica Sumatrana, Intelligentia Achinica, Diaspora Achinica", etc. ASAS & partners could provide a compass for orienting the activities and programmes; organize an annual meeting to discuss or to present the relevant visionary projects with special involvements of institutional members, fellows, friends, supporters, partners and others with special support afforded by the e-Transfer Corner of the Uni-Marburg & the Curatorial Club of the Uni-Malikussaleh; seeking to pursue in partnership with governmental and non-governmental organizations, public and private-sector institutions and likeminded associations both regionally and internationally.

Vivat nostra academia!

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Activity Summary

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ASAS is prepared to serve the members by mobilizing them in the open discussion and debate, to advance "critical knowledge", encourage integrated interdisciplinary understandings and address issues that are critical to "Achinese Sumatran phenomena or noumena and their significant influences" in the region, continental sites & the globe as parts of the universal civilization .

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Loreley Valley
The Romantic Middle Rhine
UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Honorary Life President
& Chair of the "Societas Scientiarum Sumatrana" (SSS):

Phenomenologist & Historian Dar (Marburg University)