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2. Premium Membership (Small Annual Subscription)


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Why Join?

  • Learn about developments across the entire scope of interdisciplinary projects or transdisciplinary approach.
  • Advance your work to the next level. Locate researchers, developers, consultants or end users among the membership.
  • Contribute to the development of policies and standards for the development of academic visionaries and implementations that affect you and your interest.
  • Continue to learn about the most exciting developments, future perspectives and trends; and between the challenge and opportunities associated with emerging technologies and applications.

  • 1. Free Membership
    Dues: Free of charge
    Membership Application: Online
    Free membership is open to any interested party.

    Benefits include:

  • Free infos, announcements, general supports.

  • Free participation in the informal meetings.

  • Free relevant public general networkings.

  • 2. Premium Membership
    Dues: $25 per year (Minimum)
    Premium Membership Application: Online
    Premium membership is open to any interested party.

    Benefits include:

  • Free Webinars (Online live and on-demand content to connect with special experts or global experts).

  • Access to the Bulletin. Subscription to either the online or print version of the Academia Journal Annales Academia Scientiarum Achinica Sumatrana (Annales ASAS).

  • Premium members (with minimum donation of $25 per year)have the option of receiving both print and online access.

  • Access to Fellowship Committee Club, regular listing of fellowship opportunities.

  • Participation in the Committees Activites Club, which brings institutional members and fellows together at Club annual conferences.

  • Access to the online membership directory and digital archive library.

  • Membership in the local Club diaspora chapter (where one exists); consultation with special interest group, partnership, sponsorship, etc.

  • The right to vote and hold office in Club diaspora headquarters; professional guide services in and around the diaspora headquarters for comparative visits, etc.

  • Access to all Club group discount programs.

  • Significantly reduced registration fees for Club conferences, summits and continuing education seminars.

  • Valuable discounts on all Club publications.

  • Employees of Corporate Patrons or Charity Donation Sponsorship receive a $5.00 discount on premium membership.

  • More alternative detailed infos could be delivered on demand. (Only for official members)

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