Classes / Programs

All ISU-ISA international academic classes / programs are held in English.

[Standard Daily Timetable System]*
Monday 09 am - 03 pm (All lessons)
Tuesday 09 am - 03 pm (All lessons)
Wednesday 09 am - 03 pm (All lessons)
Thursday 09 am - 03 pm (All lessons)
Friday 08 am - 12 am (All lessons)
Saturday 09 am - 01 pm (All lessons)
*Subject to change according to the class locations / lecturers

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You can choose one of the academic programs or topics which will be supervised by special international academic staffs, lecturers or mentors

[Some programs will be prepared only on demand]

Our Actual ISA-ISU selective topic options:

Special Course

[International Auxiliary Language Program]

Course title: "Esperanto as Lingua Franca"
Course description: Esperanto as a global language; a language used for communication between groups of people who speak different languages .
Teaching methods: Lectures, grammatical excercises; text reading, writing, conversation, presentation, etc.

Insular Outbound

'Exotic Insular Visit'

[On Demand]