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The International Summer University - Insular Southeast Asia (ISU-ISA) was firtsly initiated as part of Pasai International University in Diaspora (PIU-ID) on August 30th, 2014 by universal historian, Kantian polemologist & phenomenologist Mai Dar (Marburg University) as a homage to a prominent Southeast Asian historian Ong-Hok-Ham (1933-2007). For the initiator of this project, "Ong-Hok-Ham is a true son of academic freedom, a lover of multicultural entity with tolerance principle and practice. Ong manifested his visionary freedom experiences not only in his creative works, but also, in his own unique lifestyle. He draws a clear position between myth and reality." (Quote of: 'Austronesian Diaries' by Mai Dar, Vol. 1, Berlin: BoD, 2002). This "short-term academic program" (in form of a four-week program) is designed not only for academies and professionals, but also for all type of participants, who intend to share the above valuable spirit of Ong-Hok-Hamian academic visions, to explore or to experience more deeper about the insular realities, comparative regional developments, global mutual influences or tendencies. The ISU-ISA takes place regularly in selected Southeast Asian university campuses, such as in Sumatra (including location/excursion in the Sabang Free Trade Area), Java (including location/excursion in the Thousand Islands Area) and other Southeast Asian Peninsular areas, including several related insular campuses in the Austronesian region. (e.g.: Batam, Penang, Taiwan, Madagascar, Pacific region, etc.)

Since 2015 this inter-university project had been developed in cooperation with several selected exellence universities in the Austronesian region and other partner universities around the globe.

Our Mission

To survey the Husserlian phenomenology of interregional activities with the realities of the Austronesian region as one of the comparative models; to stimulate the relevant projects of the international academies, professionals (students, scholars, artists and others) and to explore or to reflect their visionary activities for an ideal intercultural understanding of the globalized world;

To develope academic consortium interaction with relevant innovative modules, practical trainings and educational systems for a better understanding among the nations with relevant lingua franca (Austronesian Pasai Malay, Esperanto, etc.) and in search of an ideal living system of the 'blue zones' of our planet;

To promote Kantian democratic peace initiative with visionary Schumpeterian development strategy and international continual cooperation as alternative solution.


Kantgrad International Society was initiated by Cosmoscopian activists in Europe for monitoring 'Perpetual Peace Phenomena'
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