[Insular Heritage Gate Perspective]

An Incredible Academic Experience in "Insular Circle of Austronesia"

Please explore more infos about this "Special Diaspora Project for global education in the digital age" which prepared in the Unesco World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley ("Loreley Valley") for "International Diaspora Summer School" -- An interdisciplinary package system of multi-academic topics or programs!

This 'Inter-Institutional Diaspora Networking Cooperation System' is represented by selected staffs or lecturers of interregional partner universities or relevant academic institutions around the globe with special institutional agreements, especially to promote, to educate or to foster cultural diversity awareness and cosmopolitan approaches to the study of world migration and diaspora phenomena of the diverse society in a comprehensive academic program for all participants as complementary activity for stimulating a "holistic perfect humanity".


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[Period: August 03 - 31, 2018]


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